It's time to choose the road less traveled!

to Jun 18

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (WV)

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The investigation fee and required insurance will be split evenly over the group.  The investigation fee is $1500 + $250 insurance (+ tax)......therefore the cost share per person will be $185 payable via Paypal upon RSVP. 

Group size will be limited to 10 investigators to ensure the highest quality investigation but maintaining cost effectiveness as much as possible.  The cost will be shared equally by all team members.  

This is a private investigation giving us access to the main building.  The main building has 242,000 of investigation space!  Scratch another one off the paranormal bucket list!  I will be reaching out to hotels in the area to see about a group rate for rooms.

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Farrar School (IA)  SOLD OUT!
to Mar 12

Farrar School (IA) SOLD OUT!

Built in the 1920's to consolidate the various one-room schools in the area, the building served the community as a school and community center.   There are some allegations of mistreatment of some of the children which could be the source of the energies and entities that reside here.  We had a great time last time with we able to get some great EVPs. 

Team size is capped at 6 investigators to give us the best possible results.  The cost will be shared equally by all team members. Join us if you dare!

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Malvern Manor (IA)   SOLD OUT!
to Mar 11

Malvern Manor (IA) SOLD OUT!

Built in the 1870's as a hotel, the building served travelers for many years until the 1950's when business slowed due to stiff competition and changes in socioeconomic conditions in the area.  It then became a nursing home and operated as such for a couple of decades.  It then became a facility that served individuals with disabilities and various psychiatric disorders.  It is rumored that during this time, many cases of neglect and abuse occurred.  Some would say even murder.  We will be spending the night in search of any paranormal activity that might exist. 

Team size is capped at 6 investigators to give us the best possible results.  The cost will be shared equally by all team members. Join us if you dare!   

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Sea Wolf Park (Galveston)    SOLD OUT!!
to Feb 25

Sea Wolf Park (Galveston) SOLD OUT!!

  • Undersea Warfare Center-Sea Wolf Park (map)
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We look forward to returning to the Undersea Warfare Center-Sea Wolf Park......a truly historic and honored site:  the USS Cavalla and USS Stewart.  The USS Cavalla is a WWII submarine that sank a Japanese aircraft carrier involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor.  The USS Stewart is the only Edsall-class destroyer escort you will find preserved in the United States.  With energy from WWII, no telling what we will find on our investigation! 

Even though we have access to both ships for the night, I am capping the team size to 15 give us the best opportunity for great results!  The cost will be shared equally by all team members.

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Old Tri-City Hospital (Dallas)
to Dec 16

Old Tri-City Hospital (Dallas)

This hospital has 4 stories and was very active when I investigated it years ago.  It has now been purchased and the new owner has plans for renovating it which limits availability.  The $65 fee is charged by the owner and will go to the renovation fund.  It will likely be cold so please dress warmly.  There is no working bathroom so we will need to make bathroom runs during the night.   We have access beginning 7 pm and until we are ready to leave.

Because of the last minute nature of this investigation, there will be no refunds given.  

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