WWII Ghosts

Galveston has the privilege of being home to two historic WWII vessels.....the USS Cavalla and USS Stewart.  The Undersea Warfare Center goes to great pains to take care of these heroic vessels and it is definitely a treat to see them. 

The team and I went to Galveston at the end of February to spend the night on these ships and to do some overnight paranormal research.  This was our second trip so we were already familiar with both of them but we were excited to visit them again.   Housed within Seawolf Park, there is a fishing pier very close by and you can watch cruise ships coming in and out of the cruise terminal.


History of USS Cavalla and USS Stewart

Built in 1943 and commissioned in 1944, USS Cavalla sank a 30,000 ton aircraft carrier Shokaku in June of that year.  The Japanese carrier had been involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Coral Sea.  Cavalla was decommissioned in 1946 but returned to service in 1951 until 1958.

Built in 1942, USS Stewart began as a teaching and training vessel but later participated in North Atlantic convoy operations.  She was also involved in training exercises out of Pearl Harbor until she was decommissioned in late 1945.  USS Stewart is the only ship of her class in the United States and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2007.  You can find this info and more on the Undersea Warfare Center website.


Our Experiences

The team met at Seawolf Park and began to set up gear.  They have a nice area for groups to meet and sleep in including a kitchen and ample seating.  We split up into two groups so we wouldn't crowd each other or contaminate potential evidence.  I started out with the group going to Cavalla and it wasn't long before we began to get activity.

We were in the galley area with us spread out and sitting at a few different tables.   We had a couple of hits on the Rempod and K2 but we also saw a shadow figure sitting at one of the tables next to us.  It was hunched over as if it was playing checkers (there were table games on the table surfaces) but it wasn't evident at first.  It wasn't until one of the investigators moved that it became evident.  Her shadow overlapped the shadow figure so when she moved, then we saw it.  I also saw a shadow figure in the doorway of next room.  That room was a berthing area so it appeared to get out of its bunk.  


While we didn't have much happening on USS Stewart, a great time was had by all.  Advice to other paranormal teams:  the fishing pier nearby is a source of potential contamination.  While it was mostly quiet for us, you can hear people on the pier if they are loud enough.  Cars come and go throughout the night so investigating outside is a challenge.  

The team is anxious to return to Seawolf Park.  We had a great time and want to spend more time on both vessels.  It is an honor to spend time in such a historic and heroic place and a little fun in the sun doesn't hurt either!

Make this beautiful day count!