The Log Cabins of Holland Lake Park

Holland Lake Park is a lovely 40-acre park centrally located in Weatherford, TX.   It has something for everyone offering nature trails, fishing, a softball complex, pavillions, and two historic log cabins that were built in the mid 1800s.  We came out here on this beautiful afternoon to take a break from our laptops and TVs, and just get back to nature for a little bit.  Ron fished while my kiddo and I took a look at the log cabins.  I didn't know about the log cabins until I did a little reading about the park.....and then I was intrigued.

Holland Lake Park.jpg


There are two log cabins in the park, one of which is actually two one-room cabins with an area described by the historical marker as a dog trot between them.  Built in Parker County by J.J. Hamilton in 1858, he and his family lived in the home until his two sons were killed by Native Americans.  After the deaths of his sons, they left the area.  

Each of the cabins contain a fireplace however the doors to the cabins are locked and I was unable to take a look inside.  The windows are also covered but it did not deter me from getting a tiny peek.  I was able to get a couple of photos through holes in the doors.  It took a minute to get my camera in just the right position but you can see the fireplace inside.   A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do......

Holland Lake Park3.jpg
Holland Lake Park2.jpg

The other log cabin at Holland Lake Park was the home of the Bumgarner Family.   The home was the site of an Indian raid and one in which Mr. Bumgarner's son-in-law, George McClesky, was mortally wounded.  He succumbed to his injuries and evidence of the clash is visible in the holes and scars of the log cabin.  You can find info about the log cabins on the Weatherford website.

While the log cabins were not built on this property, I cannot help but wonder if energies may still reside within the homes.  Certainly an Indian raid would be considered a traumatizing event, and the loss of those who lived within would be highly emotional to say the least. 

Unfortunately there were people at the park during my visit, including some workmen that are involved in the restoration of the log cabins.  In addition, there were a handful of people walking and biking, and too much road noise to even attempt an EVP session.  I may attempt to come out one evening and hang out til 10 pm with an audio recorder and see if I can get anything.

Curfew is 10 pm making an official investigation impossible, and the cabins are supposed to be moved to another location after restoration is complete.  Maybe after they are moved I can attempt to get permission for overnight access.  Fingers crossed!

Here we are in the second month of the year already!  I hope you are remembering to make each beautiful day count!