The Hotel Grim of Texarkana

Last Friday I took off to Texarkana to meet up with some of my paranormal BFFs before heading to an old TB Sanitorium in Arkansas Saturday night (don't'll read about that location in a future article).  Among the many interesting locations in Texarkana is the Ace of Clubs House....yes it was built in the shape of a club......and the Hotel McCartney.  I didn't have time on this trip to visit either of those locations BUT I plan on going out to Texarkana again at a later date with those two in mind.

I couldn't resist researching Texarkana before my trip and, of course, it has an interesting paranormal history.  One location that I did check out is the Hotel Grim on 3rd and Stateline.  Built in 1925, it has 8 floors, over 200 rooms, and was the second tallest building in Texarkana at the time of it's construction.

Hotel Grim view from the back/side.

In the 1930's, the hotel was a hot spot for visitors and locals alike.  They had some of the popular jazz bands of the day play at their hotel, were rumored to host illegal activity--gambling mostly--and were even said to have been visited by Bonnie and Clyde in 1934.

There are many rumors of the hotel being haunted but I was unable to find any stories that I could confirm.  I am not saying it isn't haunted......I just can't tell you who might be haunting the location with any level of certainty.  With the age and history of the location, it is certainly possible.  

Grim11 (2).jpg

The hotel is under private ownership and is not open to visitors.  I managed to get a few pics by putting my hand and camera through some openings in broken windows and doors, but otherwise I couldn't get anything more.  There is evidence of squatters so it is potentially dangerous if you get in and disrupt whoever may be inside.  The hotel closed in 1990 and and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places (

A view of one of the entrances going down below. There is fencing around it but it has been pulled back.

A view of one of the entrances going down below. There is fencing around it but it has been pulled back.

I found several articles about plans to renovate the Hotel Grim into residential units but whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen.  I love old buildings like this and  I hope the owner is able to save it.  

Next on my to do list is an article about the TB hospital I mentioned at the beginning of this article.  Be sure to check it out in the next week or so.  Until then........


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