The Haunting of Bobby Mackey's Music World

Bobby Mackey's Music World is in Wilder, Kentucky.....just a rock's throw across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.  On this particular trip, I was in Kentucky for a double feature weekend investigating both Waverly Hills Sanitorium and Bobby Mackey's.  

Wilder is a small town of less than 4,000 people and probably best known for being the home of "the most haunted nightclub in America."  It assumed the named Wilder after Wilder Station, a nearby railroad station, when it was incorporated.


Paranormal History

The history of the property is interesting to say the least.  It begins with the property being a slaughterhouse that later closed, and the property subsequently assumed by a Satanic cult.  The expected activities of that cult may have something to do with the reported paranormal activity but, of course, nothing is documented about that.  

The most notorious ghost story about the property occurred in 1896 when the body of Pearl Bryan was found on the property.  She was killed during a botched abortion, her head severed, and her body left on the property.  Whether or not her death was accidental or intentional, that may never be truthfully known.  Her severed head was never found and she was buried in Indiana.  There have been many reports of her headless apparition being seeing walking around the property.


The other ghost story is about a woman named Johanna who died broken-hearted sometime in the 1950s after her father disapproved of her romance and had her lover killed.  She allegedly poisoned her father and then killed herself there in the basement of the building. The building became Bobby Mackey's Music World in 1978.

My Experience  

So I went into this building skeptical but still wary about reports of a demonic entity and a portal to hell which allegedly exist there.  That's the kind of stuff that I don't mess with but not all stories are true.  My friends and I did have some EMF play down in the basement but that was pretty much it.  There wasn't anything on the main floor that couldn't be debunked or that wasn't thrown because of possible contamination.  I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get much activity but that's the way the paranormal cookie crumbles, right?

My advice to other paranormal groups is to minimize the team size to 6 if you can.  Sound does carry throughout the building including the basement.  There are cells in the basement that are said to be Civil War holding cells but I don't know if that is true.  The nightclub is right off the street so you will want to consider potential noise contamination from the street.

I am glad my friends and I went to Bobby Mackey's.  Don't let the alleged demonic activity scare you away.  I really don't think any of that is true but I admit that I am no expert.  We may return one day for another investigation in the hopes of documenting more than just EMF activity, but for now it is a low priority since there are a bunch of paranormal bucket list locations that I have yet to visit.   

Make this beautiful day count!

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