Haunted Old Blanco County Courthouse

Blanco lies quietly in the Texas Hill Country about 50 miles north of San Antonio.  It offers respite to those who may need a break from city hustle and bustle, and fishing if you want to commune with nature.   It has cute cafes and antique shops around the square plus the summertime Lavender Fest with unique vendors and artists.  

History of the Courthouse 

Built in 1885, the Old Blanco County Courthouse has had an interesting lifetime.  I first became aware of the courthouse about six years ago and was intrigued by it's story.  It was used only for a few years as an actual courthouse but it then went on to begin an interesting lifetime by first serving as an office building with offices for lawyers, doctors, realtors, and the Justice of the Peace (see the full story at website  http://www.historicblanco.org/history).  


The courthouse functioned as a school for several years after the local high school burned down in 1893, and again with the local school building was condemned in 1919.  You will find evidence of the school on the walls of the second floor.  If you pay attention to the framed sections on the walls, you will see names and dates of some of the students.

Other roles in which the Courthouse functioned are bank, newspaper office, community center, and also as a hospital from 1937 to 1961.  Be sure to stop by the Courthouse if you are ever in the area.  You will find a lot of articles and photos about it's interesting lifetime.


Our Paranormal Experiences

My team has investigated the Courthouse at least three times (maybe four) over the last six years.  Each time we stayed overnight in the Courtroom on the second floor and had a variety of experiences.  With bathrooms on the first floor and a kitchenette on the second floor, this location is a great place for an overnight investigation.  A lot of the offices on the first floor are off limits because they are used by local businesses but there is still plenty of space to investigate.

On the first floor and on the staircase next to the kitchenette, I had light anomalies in a few of my photos.  I am not talking about orbs but changes in color and light. One investigator picked up a shadow person on video in the Courtroom too.  It is a little tricky on the second floor because you have to be sure to close all the shutters to minimize/eliminate light contamination.  It is impossible to eliminate it completely but the video is compelling, and I am 85% certain it is not a result of outside lights (i.e cars).

On another visit, we were all sleeping in the Courtroom when we heard a large bang that vibrated the floor.  We investigated both floors but could not find the cause for the noise.  On our last visit, again we were asleep in the Courtroom when one of the double doors slammed shut waking us up.  A few people also heard voices and footsteps but I have yet to confirm it on audio. 

It is hard to say what ghosts and spirits may reside here.  We used a wheelchair and names of some of the doctors that worked there to trigger activity but the activity we experienced could be residual.

In my opinion, the Old Blanco County Courthouse is worth the drive.  I recommend taking no more than 4-6 people because noise does travel through this beautiful old building.  There are a couple of places to eat right there in the square so you won't even need to move your car unless you decide to go check out the cemetery.  Don't miss out on this amazing place!

.........make this beautiful day count!