The Ghosts of the Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanitorium

Arkansas is a beautiful state.  My drive through the state showed me lush greenery, beautiful mountains, and friendly people that were only too happy to help out with directions or restaurant recommendations.  Amidst all of this beauty lies a place that housed thousands of people suffering, and ultimately dying, from tuberculosis.  


The Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanitorium was built in 1909 in Logan County, and cared for over 70,000 patients during it's lifetime.  By the 1930's, the hospital was operating beyond the intended capacity so overflow facilities were built to accommodate the influx of patients. 

Cooler used to store bodies until they were picked up by the funeral home.

Cooler used to store bodies until they were picked up by the funeral home.

Driveway behind the hospital that was used by the funeral home to pick up bodies.

Driveway behind the hospital that was used by the funeral home to pick up bodies.

The hospital only admitted only white patients while African American patients were sent to a state run facility, the McRae Sanitorium, in Alexander, AR.  At the time, the McRae Santorium was the first facility that served and was operated by the African American community.  For more information, please go to my one of my sources at Arkansas Online.  

The hospital has a total of 5 floors plus a basement, and was built to hold just over 500 patients at a time.  A children's building and school were added in during the 1920's and there are other buildings on the property that were homes for doctors, a chapel, fire department, water treatment plant, and entertainment buildings for staff.  Go to another of my sources at Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture for more history and details. 

3rd floor hallway

3rd floor hallway

Our Experiences

The team and I arrived at 4 pm and began getting organized in the 1st floor conference room.  The first floor is currently used as office space so we were unable to investigate anything more than the hallway. The is no power above the first floor and our equipment confirmed no EMF present during our initial walk through of each floor. 

On the 2nd floor we heard various noises including what sounded like footsteps and a man's voice.  Two of us saw something dart across the hall.  It was fairly tall and it blocked out the light coming from the window at the end.  We also set up a Rempod at one end of the hall and it went off several times for a sustained period of time (more than 5 seconds).  It did not seem to respond to us directly so perhaps it was residual energy.

On the 3rd floor we heard doors closing and more voices, again male.  I thought I heard a female voice at one point but no one else could confirm hearing it.  Hopefully our audio recorders picked up all of the things we experienced throughout the night. 

We did not investigate the 4th or 5th floors because we were getting activity in other locations and also because there was a great deal of black mold and dead birds (5th floor).  We did a walk through of the floors and took a ton of pics and some videos but that was the extent of our time on the 4th and 5th floors.

There were a few times during the night in which we were taking a break in the conference room and we heard sounds coming from the hallway.  At the end of our investigation, we set up in the hallway with a laser grid and observed movement within the grid lights.  We also had some activity on Rempods and Parascopes.


Who haunts the hospital?  The emotional scars that reside within the walls come from both staff and patients alike.  Some patients, including children, were ripped from their families to prevent the spread of the disease.  The end result is that many died alone and without the comfort of their families.  Some staff became ill while working at the hospital, ultimately dying themselves.   Any one of the more than 70,000 people that worked, lived, and/or died in the sanitorium could be walking the floors now searching for peace.

Advice to Other Teams

Overall we had a great time and we look forward to returning for additional paranormal research.  The buildings around the hospital and the grounds are currently in use by the county, part of which serves as residential units.  Exploration outside of the hospital is prohibited to protect those that live on campus.

While the hospital is in a remote location, there is one pizza restaurant that delivered.  The conference room has a microwave and coffee maker so take some snacks and you are good to go.  I recommend keeping the investigation team to 10 or less to minimize the risk of contamination.  

On the Horizon

So now I am home resting up for our next paranormal adventure and then a family cruise vacation after that.  Check back for articles about those locations......I plan on checking out some paranormal hotspots while in Jamaica and Grand Cayman.

Life is short so make this beautiful day count!