The Ghosts and Spirits of the Paris Catacombs

In my opinion, the Paris Catacombs is an absolute must see for anyone visiting the City of Love.  The massive ossuary lies 20 meters beneath the city and has the approximate depth of a five-story building.  It contains the remains of millions of people moved from local cemeteries during the late 18th and mid-19th centuries.....and maybe a few more of cataphiles that were a tad bit unlucky while visiting the Catacombs.


In the late 17th century, the city began closing cemeteries due to "overuse" and because they became public health hazards.  From what I read, overuse means there were mass graves and some reportedly with incomplete decomposition of some of the bodies (EEEW!).  As I walked through the tunnels, I saw bones upon bones arranged in macabre yet artistic designs.  The time it took must be staggering as there is little area along the tour route that is not "decorated" with bones.  


I took my daughter with me to the small feat for someone with mild cerebral palsy!  The stair case leading down to the level we toured (not all levels are accessible to visitors) was narrow and not easy for her.  She was a real trooper about it.

My Experience

Surprisingly, the Catacombs were not that creepy to me.  My guess is the lights and the other tourists walking around make it less creepy (DAMN IT!).  I tried to feel any energies that might be there but it was hard with the distraction of other people there walking around.

The ghost stories I heard while in Paris are mainly of people who entered the Catacombs illegally at other points throughout the city, or who wandered off from the tour route and then got lost.  With multiple levels that are largely unmapped, no lights, and no signs directing you how to get out......well I can see how one can end up lost and forever wandering the tunnels searching for the way out.


Most of the stories of paranormal experiences down below are those of shadow figures, disembodied voices, and footsteps.  There is video footage that was found from someone that was walking some of the unmapped tunnels.  No one seems to know who it is since the video is POV.  He becomes frightened--you can hear it in his breathing--he walks faster and faster, then he begins to run just before he drops his camera.  You see his feet as he runs away and that is it.  Did he make it out?  No one knows.  What frightened him? one knows.  Check out the Syfy video below.  There is a good chance he never made it out and his spirit remains running the tunnels for all eternity trying to find his way out.


With all the bodies that were removed from their original resting places above ground, and with the number of people that are suspected to be forever lost in the Paris Catacombs, it is not a far stretch of the imagination to think that they are probably haunted in some capacity.  While I did not experience anything directly myself, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about them and seeing them for myself.  For a mere $13 euros (approximately $15-$16 USD) it is definitely worth the trip!  Please do yourself a favor and check them out if you ever make it to Paris.

Happy New Year!  May 2018 be an amazing year of adventure for you!

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