Paracons and Paranormal Events Fall 2018

Paracons and Paranormal Events Fall 2018

The kiddies are back in school and we are entering my favorite time of year! Halloween is around the corner, pumpkin this and pumpkin that……I mean, what’s not to love??? My kiddo is grown so we don’t do much at Halloween anymore aside from giving out candy to neighborhood kids but I still look at the paracons and special paranormal events coming up for Halloween. The list you see below is not an endorsement or recommendation of any kind. It is simply a convenience that I like to provide to those of you who may be looking for some Halloween fun.

Paracons and Paranormal Events for the remainder of September:

  • Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, NJ September 15-16, 2018.  Admission is free but there is a fee for some events and attractions.

Paracons and Paranormal Events for October:

If you are hosting an event or know of an event that I have not listed, please let me know. I am happy to add it! I personally don’t know what my plans are yet but you can be sure it will be fun! Feel free to comment if you ever attended one of these events…..I would love to hear about them!

Make this beautiful day count!