Leap Castle and the Bloody Chapel

Leap Castle is a bucket list location that I only dreamed about visiting for many years.  I was blessed and fortunate enough to be able to visit the castle (thanks to my friend Jackie) back in 2014 and I would go for a return visit in a heartbeat.  


Leap Castle is believed to have been built in the 1500’s by the O’Bannon Clan.  Inhabited by different clans over the years, the castle has been the site of war, bloodshed and carnage, was seized by Cromwell in 1642, and later was burned  down to its shell in 1922.  Thankfully this beautiful and yet notorious castle is being restored, most recently by the Ryans.  Some people believe Leap Castle is the most haunted castle in the world.  Is it?  You need to visit and then decide!


Inside the Bloody Chapel

Inside the Bloody Chapel

The Bloody Chapel and the Oubliette

The Bloody Chapel is believed to be inhabited by several spirits, one of the best known being the O'Carroll Priest.  In a feud with his brother, it is said that the Priest was murdered by the brother while in the middle of performing Mass.  Also in the Bloody Chapel is the oubliette, used by the O'Carrolls as a dungeon and certain death for those thrown down into it.  The O'Carrolls were a particularly vicious clan and sent other clans to their deaths by poisoning them and then throwing them into the oubliette to die.  During my visit in 2014, Sean Ryan mentioned the number of remains recovered from the oubliette.  I don't remember the exact number anymore but I do recall  that it was over 100.

Other Hauntings

Check out the Leap Castle website for stories of other hauntings.  In addition to the spirits of the Bloody Chapel, you will find information and stories about the Priest House, the Murder Hole Room, the Red Lady, Emily & Charlotte, a woman murdered by the O'Carrolls, and the Governess & the Old Man.  I included links here for your convenience but, in case it doesn't work, go to http://leapcastle.net/.

The Oubliette

The Oubliette

My Experience

Visiting Leap Castle was a paranormal dream for me.  On of many dreams admittedly but still I was beyond thrilled to be there.  The castle didn't look as big as it did on TV in my opinion but it was just as intimidating and ominous.   Sitting and talking to Sean Ryan about the castle was not just informative, he was insanely entertaining.  He made me and my friends feel welcome and it was hard to leave the castle after spending a great afternoon there.  I spent most of my time up in the Bloody Chapel, feeling the energy of the place and taking pictures.   

If you ever get a chance to spend some time in Ireland, I highly recommend visiting both Leap Castle and Blackwater Castle (see my previously published blog post about my stay at Blackwater).   Blarney and Bunratty Castles are also beyond amazing but they are tourist attractions so crowds are an issue.  I visited the Emerald Isle both times in June, and the weather was quite perfect.....after that I hear it warms up.  Ireland's beauty will take your breath away!

Enjoy your weekend an make every day count!

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