Haunted Sallie House

Lovely Atchison, Kansas.......

I am not being sarcastic.  It truly is lovely.  Once my friends and I crossed over the Missouri River on our way from Kansas City, we saw a picturesque little town with historic homes and beautiful B&Bs.  Atchison is probably best known for the Sallie House, a house known for the stories and reports of paranormal activity from those who have lived and visited the house.

Our 2016 trip was a double feature with a drive by the Leavenworth Penitentiary (I couldn't help myself......I was curious!).  We investigated the Sallie House on one night, and then moved to another location in Kansas City the next night.  If we are going to be traveling that kind of distance, the team prefers to get more bang for it's buck by investigating at least two places.  I will have a separate blog post for the other location.

Inside the basement of Sallie House

Inside the basement of Sallie House

Upon arrival, we were unpacking the ca and promptly greeted by a car driving by and yelling out "YOU'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!"  We couldn't help but laugh although the neighbors might not have appreciated it.  One of the homes across the street is a B&B and I am sure they don't want their guests don't want to hear that.  

Anyway.....after unpacking our gear, we walked through the two-story house, took a ton of baseline pics and EMF readings with a K2, and then we left an audio recorder running while we went to dinner.  We listened to the audio recordings upon our return and, approximately nine minutes after we left, we could hear the sound of children laughing.  We did make note that the house next door was vacant and undergoing some kind of renovation.  Paranormal?  Maybe.

Another thing we heard was a clinking sound in the area that we understand was once a patient/exam room.  It wasn't a sound like keys or anything but more like utensils clinking together.  It could be interpreted as the sound of medical tools or perhaps silverware.  In any case, no one was in the room when we heard it so your guess is as good as ours.

We all slept downstairs in the living room with night vision cameras and audio running all night on both floors.  At one point I woke up and found one of the investigators standing at the foot of the stairs.  He said he had heard something upstairs and was listening to it while the rest of us slept.  We still don't know what it was but it sounded like shuffling noises or some kind of movement to me.

A beautiful and serene morning on the back patio.

A beautiful and serene morning on the back patio.

Looking at the house and the surrounding neighborhood, you would never suspect the alleged activity that takes place in the house.  The team and I have discussed returning for a follow up investigation and we will likely do that after we scratch a few more locations off of our paranormal bucket list. 

Advice to paranormal groups/teams:  the house is not big at all so I would limit the team size to four if possible.  We had five and it was fine but less is more in this case.  The houses are kind of close together so you might get contamination if the houses on either side are occupied. 

If you're not into the paranormal, Atchison is still a nice place to visit.  I enjoyed driving around and taking in the scenery and would jump at the chance to stay in some of the B&Bs we saw!

Make this beautiful day count!

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