Haunted Lemp Mansion

Lemp Mansion was built in the 1860's in St. Louis, MO, not far from the Mississippi River.  It is a beautiful 3-story building that now serves as a B&B for visitors just down the street from Lemp Brewery, and less than 4 miles from the Gateway Arch.  If you get a chance to visit Lemp Mansion, be sure to check out their restaurant.  My friends and I enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner in their dining room.


John Lemp immigrated from Germany in the 1830's and brewed their well known lager in the cave system that lies beneath the mansion.  It was with this lager that he started Lemp Brewery and enjoyed financial success, succeeded by son William J. Lemp.  By the 1870's, Lemp Brewery was known as the largest brewery in the area.  The caves beneath the mansion are no longer accessible however they once housed an auditorium, ballroom, and swimming pool.


Haunted History

Sadly, Lemp Mansion has history full of deaths occurring within the walls of this beautiful place.  Frederick Lemp died mysteriously in 1901 followed by his still grieving father,  William J. Lemp, committing suicide a few years later.  William's daughter Elsa and other son William Jr. committed suicide in the home in the 1920's. William III died of a heart attack in the home, followed by William Jr.'s brother Charles also committing suicide in the home.  Charles was found by his brother Edwin Lemp  who died in the home of natural causes in 1970.

With so many deaths and, more specifically, suicides, it is not hard to imagine that a tormented spirit or two may remain in this beautiful place.  My friends and I were happy to investigate Lemp Mansion and we spent the night in one of their beautiful suites as well.  


My Experiences

So I don't really have a lot to tell about paranormal experiences here.  The mansion is susceptible to noise from the street so you will have to debunk well for that.  There are several windows too so video and camera pics are likely to be a challenge as well. 

My special needs daughter was staying with a caregiver at the Hilton near the arch and, when I brought them over to see the B&B the next morning, she looked in the direction of one of the dining rooms and asked if anyone had died in there.  How she knew about that......I will never know.  She has had experiences of her own over the years in various places and I suspect she is a bit sensitive.


My friends and I would have loved to get into Lemp Brewery down the street or the caves that lie beneath but we were unable to gain access (thank you Jackie for trying!).  If you get a chance to visit this place, it is well worth the walk down the street to snap a few pics.  Some of the area around the brewery was being used for parking for nearby businesses so all we could do was walk through and ask questions of those working the parking lot.

Overall, I found Lemp Mansion to be worth the drive from Texas.  While there may be a great deal of sadness in the history of this B&B, it is beautiful nonetheless.  Unless one knows the history or is a sensitive, one might not have a clue of the deaths that occurred here.   The staff here was pleasant and willing to talk about the history so don't be afraid to ask!  For more info about Lemp Mansion, go to http://www.lempmansion.com/history.htm. 

I hope you have fun on your own paranormal adventures and never forget to make this beautiful day count!

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