Ghosts in a Civil War Farmhouse

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Fairfield, PA

When people think of Gettysburg, I think they most often think of the battlefields in which the bloody clash occurred.  Outside of the battlefields however lie the retreat grounds and the areas in which the field hospitals were set up.  I bring to you Fairfield, PA.

My friends and I were in the area for an epic paranormal weekend that included the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV, as well as a few days in the Gettysburg area.  One of my paranormal besties found a great Civil War farmhouse for us to spend the night in.  The drive out to the house revealed to us an area with winding roads, beautiful trees, and quaint local businesses.  It was in stark contrast to my experiences growing up in the DFW area.


Animal lovers will be right at home here since the house comes with friendly residents:  a dog and six cats.  Paranormal enthusiasts will be thrilled because the home and barn are in an area that was retreat area during the Civil War and also a field hospital.  It is believed by the owner and visitors alike that some war time spiritual residents still remain.  


The Civil War occurred 1861 - 1865 surrounding two fundamental issues:  states rights and the financial implications of slavery in the North and the South.  You know how it is when money is gets messy!  In this case, it resulted in the bloodiest and most brutal combat the United States has ever seen (stateside).

With such combustible political angst combined with over 1,200,000 fatalities, it is no wonder that Gettysburg is believed to be one of (if not THE) most haunted areas in the country.  My friends and I have decided to return next year and rent a house that lies within the battlegrounds.  If you want to go check out the David Stewart Farmhouse for yourself, you will find it on Airbnb.  You can use this code to get $40 in travel credit when you sign up.  For more historical info and details, go here for the PBS website or go here for American Battlefield.


Our Experiences

We arrived to the home on Saturday afternoon after flying into Pittsburgh that morning.  The drive from Pittsburgh to Fairfield gave us the opportunity to jump in and out of West Virginia and Maryland on the way.  It was still warm out but not nearly as hot as it was back home.  I was having a great time already. 

A view from our stop at a Maryland Visitors Center.

A view from our stop at a Maryland Visitors Center.

We were greeted by the owner, Stephani, who was absolutely warm, welcoming, and friendly.  She gave us a great historical account of the home and the surrounding area before we went out to grab dinner nearby.  Stephani pointed out that the house is known as the David Stewart Farm however it is really the William Douglass Farm (Stewart inherited the home upon Douglass' death).   We were just a few miles from Gettysburg so we went into town for dinner.

After dinner, my friends and I returned to the farm and began to investigate the barn.  It appeared that they were setting up for a wedding or recently had one.  We walked around the barn taking photos and baseline readings before getting comfortable on some hay bales for and EVP session.  It was eerily quiet except for some birds that had been nesting there.

The barn.

The barn.

While in the barn we had some hits on a couple of devices but nothing astronomical happened.  I ended up with some hellacious allergies, probably a combination of the animals and hay, so I didn't stay all night.  I got a room in Emmitsburg, MD, but I returned in the morning so my friends and I could go grab breakfast before moving on to Weston, WV.  They stayed all night with one of them staying in a room that was once an operating room.

I don't recall anyone having anything happen during the night but we are hopeful that audio and video reveal something to us.  As all paranormal locations, spirits do not act on command so we really need to go back and spend more time there to document paranormal activity.  Fingers crossed that we find some good evidence in our photos and recordings!

Overall our visit to Fairfield was well worth it.  We learned a lot of history and met some fascinating people.  that is probably one of my favorite perks of our paranormal adventures.   We never know what will happen or who will cross our paths but we do know  that we will have a great time.  We always do! 

I hope you are having some adventures of your own.  If not, please come back and read about mine (ours).  Until then, make this beautiful day count!

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