Copenhagen Plaza  - Copenhagen, Denmark (Review)

Denmark used to make me think of happy people, viking history, and Danish butter cookies. My family and I were blessed enough to spend a few days in Copenhagen and Aarhus last month, and now I see Denmark for so much more.

Denmark was country #2 on a seven country family vacation we took last month through the Baltic region. We actually decided on this itinerary because my husband wanted to see St. Petersburg and Copenhagen specifically. It was a great itinerary full of amazing architecture, friendly people, good food, and mind blowing history.

Our view of the train station from our room.

Our view of the train station from our room.


The Copenhagen Plaza is located approximately 5 miles from the airport and right across from the Copenhagen Central Station. The convenience of the train station was extremely helpful in getting around town including to/from the airport and cruise terminal. I was impressed by the number of bicycles outside of the train station.

Copenhagen Plaza was built in 1913 after being commissioned by Denmark's King Frederik VIII. Clientele consisted of the elite and wealthy, often in town for an audience with the king. I found the hotel to have a great deal of character and I had a real appreciation of the history. I couldn’t help but wonder if it might be haunted. The hotel is known for the Library Bar, a bar once voted by Forbes Magazine as one of the best five bars in the world.


We loved the old elevator but we had to be careful not to overload it. The three of us, each with a large suitcase, plus my kiddo in a wheelchair…….we didn’t want to stress it more than necessary. We saw it struggle with a large group of people and we weren’t exactly feeling lucky.

We requested a family room that had a queen room with sofa bed for the three of us. It had two small balconies, both of which overlooked the street and train station. While the train station was just across the street, the trains did not bother us at all unless we had the balcony doors open. Even then, it was not egregious. The weather was very nice for us Texas folk so we left the doors open often.


The room was quite comfortable and had some extra space in the sitting area of the room. That is where we kept our suitcases, the wheelchair, and we used it as a staging area for the day. We had a desk in our room however we didn’t use it for more than charging our devices and for making coffee and tea.

The bathroom was a decent size but I wouldn’t call it large. It had a ledge that gave us adequate counter space for our toiletries but more counter space would have been appreciated.

We found the room and bathroom to be clean and the shower had good water pressure. There was a small step up to the bathroom and we had to step into the shower. If you need something with no step, please be sure to ask for an accessible room. The shower also required that we step into the shower.

Our daughter loved the view from our room.

Our daughter loved the view from our room.

Overall we found the hotel to be relatively accessible. Getting into the elevator might be an issue since the glass door does not slide open however staff is right there to help if you need it. Coming out of the elevator and onto the floors may be a little tricky as well if you are managing luggage and the door to the floor isn’t already open.

Door ways to the hotel and restaurant were wide enough for our daughter’s manual wheelchair and everything had good ramps. The hotel’s close proximity to the train station made it quick and easy for us to get on the train.

The hotel is designated as a 4 star hotel by most online suppliers and I agree with that rating. We found it to be good value for the money considering comfort, location, convenience, and cleanliness. It is a hotel that I definitely recommend and would stay in again if we had the chance.

I hope this review helps you if you are considering a stay at this hotel and I wish you more travel adventures for 2019.