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Club Quarters Hotel - Houston, TX  (Hotel Review)

Club Quarters Hotel - Houston, TX (Hotel Review)

My first hotel review for 2019 comes to you from dowtown Houston, Texas. I came to Houston for a working weekend with a business partner, plus it was nice quick getaway from the usual daily work grind at home. I love my job but it is still nice to escape it once in a while.

Downtown Houston had a lot of construction going on but it didn’t pose a problem finding the hotel. This weekend we (my daughter and I) stayed in the Club Quarters Hotel on Fannin Street in a nice 1-bedroom suite. If you drive too fast though, you might miss the valet.

Lobby area

Lobby area

The Club Quarters Hotel is a historic landmark that was originally known as the Texas State Hotel. The hotel was supposed to be open in time for the 1928 Democratic National Convention however construction was delayed by financial issues. With construction completed in 1929, it was built with 17 floors, over 170,000 square feet, and approximately 400 rooms. It was occupied until the 1980’s and then sat empty for 20-ish years. It was subsequently purchased in 2002, renovated, and re-named Club Quarters Hotel.

Club Quarters is listed as 4 star hotel but has affordable prices more aligned with a 3.5 star hotel. The website listed prices starting at approximately $95 per night for standard rooms and suites starting at $155. A quick check of third party websites showed rooms just a tad lower.

1-bedroom suite living room

1-bedroom suite living room

My daughter and I were able to get a 1-bedroom suite at a super sweet price, better than even the standard room prices listed on Priceline. While we didn’t necessarily need the extra space, it was nice because it was a working weekend so having the dining table was nice. My daughter enjoyed the large TV and apps available and made sure to watch one of her favorite movies. The sofa bed in the living room brings the room capacity up to 4 people.

Free wifi is included with the room and I was glad to see that it was truly high speed and not glacially slow as I have seen at other hotels. The password is your last name + room number eliminating random people just hanging out in the lobby and using the wifi for free.

Kitchenette with full size refrigerator

Kitchenette with full size refrigerator

My daughter in the full kitchenette + dining area

My daughter in the full kitchenette + dining area

The kitchenette is equipped with a full size refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave, and Keurig. Honestly, except for the limited counter space, I consider this a full kitchen rather than a kitchenette. The cabinets were stocked with the basics as far as dishes and silverware, which was great because I didn’t have to worry about bringing or finding plastic ware for our food delivery later that night.

The dining table comfortably seated 4 people however my business partner and I used it as work space. There is a desk in the bedroom but it only comfortably accommodates one person. If you are traveling alone, the desk is great. The area is small so, if two people are traveling, using the desk prohibits the other person getting to the bathroom easily.

Desk with door to the bathroom (the closet is the door on the right side of the mirror).

Desk with door to the bathroom (the closet is the door on the right side of the mirror).

The bedroom was comfortable and there were plenty of charge ports and outlets available if you have multiple devices. My daughter and I both had devices to keep charged but charge ports were available at the desk and on either side of the bed.

The bathroom is a tad small but it was clean so I was happy. The photo of the bathroom shows the entire bathroom. The shower is to the right just inside the door, there is a bag with blower drying hanging on the door, and they had trial size toiletries available (the soap smells so good!).

The bathroom is a little small but it was very clean.

The bathroom is a little small but it was very clean.

There are some hotel amenities that added value to my stay: downstairs in the lobby there is a coffee maker that has fresh coffee beans. I did not stay down there long enough or drink enough coffee to confirm that the beans are in fact ground on demand. However the coffee was good and they had all necessary additives to make your coffee your own (cream, sweetener, etc). There was also a dispenser for purified still and sparking water, something I haven’t seen in other mainstream hotels.

Speaking of water, there was a chilled water dispenser on each of the floors I visited. What stood out is that they stock empty water bottles with lids for your use. I love that because 1) I don’t have to spend $$$ on buying bottled water, and 2) less plastic waste. Both are meaningful to me so it added great value for my travel dollar.


Other Amenities

The hotel has several conference rooms downstairs but they were locked so I wan’t able to see them or the amenities they offered. They also have a gym downstairs which was larger than anticipated based on my experience visiting other hotels.

The valet area in front of the hotel was small due to some construction right next door. Valet is a bit pricey in my opinion at $32 per day, but they were quick to help me out and to bring my car as well. They have a text app that I used to let them know I needed my car and it waiting for me by the time I got downstairs. With parking a real challenge in downtown Houston, it will still a worthwhile convenience to me and my daughter.

Table 7 Bistro is the onsite restaurant and bar serving available to hotel guests. During my stay, it was open until 10:30 pm on a Saturday night. Unfortunately, they had already stopped serving food by 10:03 pm. I understand the kitchen closes at a certain time but a half hour before closing seems to early to me.

Frank’s Pizza came to the rescue since I didn’t want to walk my hungry kiddo down the street in the night’s chill. She had already eaten dinner but traveling always seems to stimulate her appetite. Frank’s has a decent size menu that includes sandwiches, pizza, pasta, wings, and salads. We had a 10-ct spicy wings and an order of lasagna for $20 and they deliver until 3 am! It was totally worth tipping the delivery guy extra for his speedy service.


All in all, my visit to Houston and my stay at Club Quarters was both pleasant and productive. The Club Quarters Hotel proved to have nice, clean accommodations with nice amenities for the money. If you are looking for a place to stay with space for everyone, the suites are ideal for families and groups.

I have not received payment, free nights, or any other form of compensation for my review. The staff at Club Quarters were not aware of my arrival and I did not make myself known as a travel blogger to them during my stay. My review of Club Quarters is my own and was not influenced by anyone at Club Quarters.

Make this beautiful day count!


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