Paranormal Hotspots and Duppies of the Cayman Islands

In eight days I will be lounging on my private balcony as my cruise ship makes it's way to Grand Cayman.  Yes this my first visit and, being a cruise, it will be much too short.  In any case, I am going to make the most of it by  checking out more than just the beaches....I am hoping to find my way to some paranormal hotspots!


Most people are probably most familiar with Grand Cayman but you should also be aware of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.  The three islands make up the Cayman Islands and each offer astounding beauty.   

A 30-minute flight from Grand Cayman can get you to the beautiful beaches of Cayman Brac, it's rare flora and fauna, and you can snorkel along reefs and around sunken ships.  There is so much here for some well earned rest and relaxation and I plan on finding out for myself.  

Little Cayman is just is little.  It is only 10 miles long and one mile wide but it still delivers a punch when it comes to tropical bliss.  You can dive around Bloody Bay Wall Marine Park or you can spend your time in a lounger if you prefer. 

Last but certainly not least is Grand Cayman.  Probably the most well known of the Cayman Islands, it will be one of my destinations later this month.  I will be drawn to the historical sites myself but there is so much more to do in Grand Cayman than that. Stingray City,  the National Museum of Grand Cayman, and Turtle Center are just a few of the places you and your family can enjoy in Grand Cayman.  I will have more to write about a ton of pics for a future blog article.  If you haven't had the luxury of visiting the Cayman Islands, go to my source HERE for more information.

Paranormal Hotspots

I found in my research that "duppy" is the Cayman term for ghost.  They are faceless entities that float about similar to what you might think an apparition to be.  Sudden and unexpected breezes are thought to potentially be a duppy roaming around.

Mastic Trail - the trail runs through the Mastic Reserve originating more than 100 years ago.  It was used as a main passageway for some time but eventually was no longer used when modern roads were built.  It was cleared and restored in 1994, and was reopened for public use once again. It is said that the area is haunted and that the odd shaped "duppy trees" were deformed by the duppies that sat in them during the night. 

Bloody Bay - the bay allegedly was named because of the many pirate attacks and deaths that occurred in the bay.  There are some shipwrecks there so perhaps there is some truth to that, and perhaps the spirits of those that were killed in the bay wander about.  I hope to  find out more for myself on a future separate trip but you can find more info about diving at Bloody Bay HERE at

Grand Cayman (North Side) - I found a story about the spirits being members of Oliver Cromwell's army who had defected and escaped to the Caymans.  Not having what they needed to survive, many reportedly died and they are the ones you might experience on the island.  While I haven't found anything else definitive (or anything that might give even a hint about who the duppies might be),  I speculate something pirate related.  When I visit the island, I hope to talk to some locals and get the story behind it.  Check out the Costarican Times for more about the story. 

My Upcoming June Visit

So while I will be island hopping on a cruise ship, I still plan on earmarking time for the paranormal.  Grand Cayman is the second port on my itinerary but I hope to get enough info to warrant a second trip.  The third port on my itinerary is Cozumel and a place that I have visited many times.  I'll have more for you on that in another blog article.  Until then......

........make this beautiful day count!

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