2018 Paracons in the US and beyond.....

2018 Paracons in the US and beyond.....

2017 has been a year of great paranormal adventure for me......and I hope it was for you too!  In case you are looking for even more adventure for 2018 (I know I am!), below you will find a list of paracons in the United States.  If you want something a little further away from home, you will find some international paracons and events at the very bottom.  

Not only do I travel for fun, I also try to learn something about the people and the culture.   Part of that is learning about burial practices, myths and superstitions about ghosts, and religious beliefs surrounding death and life on the other side.  I have found that no two countries or cultures are exactly alike.  Nevertheless, I get a lot of enjoyment out of my research and travels.

Please keep in mind that I am not getting paid to mention these events, have not attended in the past (but I plan to!), and I do not intend for this to be an endorsement.  I am providing this information based off of my own research for your convenience.  If you have any questions regarding these events, please click on the links provided to contact the appropriate people.

If you are aware of a paracon that is not on the list, or if you are having a paracon/special event you would like me to add to the list, please contact me via email.  I will happily add your event.    

Also, please visit my friends at Southern Paranormal.  You can find them on Facebook here or their Youtube channel here.


United States:


International Conferences & Events:


Have fun and stay safe in 2018!

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