The Ghosts of Blackwater Castle

Have you ever wondered what the inside of an Irish castle looks like?  I had the privilege of spending some time--almost a week--at Blackwater Castle in Castletownroche, Ireland.  A picturesque village just 25 miles from Cork, I found myself among friends as soon as I arrived.  The locals are absolutely the most welcoming and friendly people I have ever met on mytravels!  The castle offers a variety of outdoor activities, wedding services, and accommodations for up to 23 in the castlehoweverthe Courtyard accommodates another 47.  My friends and I booked the entire castle and we loved every minute of our stay!  

First built in the 12th century, history definitely abounds on the beautiful grounds.  Gaelic chiefs initially held the fortress however Lord Roche invaded and established himself here in the late 12th century.  The castleremained with the family until the 1650's until it was seized by Cromwell.  Once seized, Lady Roche, wife to Lord Roche, was reportedly imprisoned within the tower, and some of her officers executed and tossed into the river.  Lady Roche was executed by hanging approximately two years later.  With history like this, the potential for paranormal activity on the grounds is absolutely understandable!  The castle is quite beautiful however the tower did seem to give off an odd vibe.  Paranormal?  I don't know.  But, while walking the grounds, I let my mind wander and I imagined the chaos and turbulent times that came with invasion and seizure.  They must have been times of absolute terror.

Advice to paranormal teams:  This is a large property when you factor in the grounds and Courtyard so a large team could go out to investigate.  It gets quite dark at night and it is wooded so there might be critters and other animals to think about.  I recommend staying in the castle (rooms have private bathrooms and are nicely appointed) because it really is such a nice experience.  You can leave cameras running while you run out and take in the sights so you won't miss a thing.   Nearby are the ruins of Bridgetown priory with the Roche tomb and other ancient graves.  Again.......another must see!

No matter your travel interests, I suspect Blackwater Castle will satisfy most travelers desire for an Irish castle experience.  We drove around a bit and made pit stops at various abbey ruins and cemeteries too because it was all so intoxicating.  Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about my trip.