Old South Pittsburg Hospital

South Pittsburg, small town about 30 miles west of Chattanooga, known for being “the tidiest town in Tennessee.”  Near the Alabama/Tennessee state-line, the town is surrounded by some truly beautiful scenery.   While this is a small town, I did not get the feeling of "on-its-way-to-a-ghost-town" despair that I sometimes get while driving through small towns.  This is a place that is flourishing in its own right.

My friends and I went to investigate the Old South Pittsburg Hospital over the Labor Day weekend.  We made the most of that weekend by doing two locations, with the hospital being the night after we investigated Hales Bar Dam.  The hospital opened in 1959 and closed in 1998, during which time deaths and reports of abuse occurred.  Imagine all of that on top of the Native American and Civil War history of the area!   All of that could have certainly left behind energies not yet at rest.

The hospital has three floors and offers a large area to investigate.  It may be tempting cram a lot of bodies in here but my recommendation to other paranormal teams is to NOT do that. Sound travels easily and I could frequently hear investigators moving around upstairs. Some of the patient rooms are set up for overnight stays but the rooms are dressed out by the teams that sponsor each room.  Be sure to pay attention to the furnishings as some may give off EMF. I didn't go into each room and I'm not saying that is happening but I think it should still a consideration. Tip for the newbies:  because you will be walking around a bit (as during most investigations), a good fishing vest with a lot of pockets is always a good idea.

We had seven investigators in total for our investigation. There was someone that stayed onsite overnight in his room but he was friendly, gave us no trouble, and he stayed out of our way.  I haven't reviewed everything yet but so far I haven't found anything that couldn't be debunked.  I am hoping the rest of my stuff has some kind of activity on it, or one of the other investigators has the holy grail on video.  Fingers crossed!

For more info on history of the area, check out the links I used for research before and after the trip: