Paracons and all that Jazz!

Paracons and all that Jazz!

2017 has been quite a year, hasn't it?  We are just about midway through September already but we still have a few months to squeeze in some fun.  So.........if you are a paranormal enthusiast or if you are looking for something out of the norm to do, take a look at the paracons I have listed below taking place during the remainder of September and through October.  Please keep in mind that this is NOT an endorsement of any paracons, and I am not getting paid for mentioning any of them. This compilation is simply a courtesy based on a simple Google search........because that's the kind of nice gal that I am.  If I miss one, let me know and I will happily update this post.

Events for the remainder of September:

  • Haldeman Paranormal Expo - Lancaster, PA;

  • Non Con 2  Paranormal Meet & Greet - Middletown, OH;

  • Peg Leg's Paracon - Clinton, NJ;

  • Woodbridge Psychic Fair- Woodbridge, NJ;

  • Mothman Festival - Point Pleasant, WV;

  • Paranormal Journeys Expo - Fieldsboro, NJ;

  • Forest Moon Para-Con - Concrete, WA;

  • Monster-Mania Con - Hunt Valley, MD;

  • Scarefest - Lexington, KY;

  • Walker Stalker Con: Philadelphia - Philadelphia, PA;

October Events:

  • Texas Bigfoot Conference - Jefferson, TX;

  • Chicago Dark Shores Ghost Con - Willow Springs, IL;

  • South Bed Para Rally - South Bend, IN;

  • Little Traverse Bay ParaFest - Petoskey, MI

  • Halloween in the Catskills - East Durham, NY;

  • Albatwitch Day - Columbia, PA;

  • Long Beach Zombie Fest - Long Beach, CA;

  • Paraween UFO Fest - Salem, MA;

  • MUFON Philadephia Area UFO Conference - Langhorne, PA;

  • Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival - Nashville, TN;

  • Walker Stalker Con: Atlanta - Atlanta, GA;

  • Emma Crawford Coffin Races - Manitou Springs, CO

I hope to start making my way to some of these but only time and finances will tell (there's never enough time or money is there?).  Feel free to comment below on your experience if you do go. I'd love to hear about it!   Don't forget to make this day count!