The Chattanooga Underground

Today and tomorrow friends and I leave to begin our weekend in Chattanooga.  Some are flying while others are driving, but we all go this holiday weekend in the hopes of enjoying some good BBQ and to check out the darker, paranormal side of Chattanooga.  While researching this lovely city I discovered some interesting history.

You may already know Chattanooga for Moonpies, Ruby Falls, and for being rich in Native American and Civil War history.. But did you know that the Chattanooga you see today may not be what once was?  In March 1867 there was a flood with waters reaching over 50 ft, bringing devastation to most of the area (  Subsequently it was decided that the street level should be raised, some areas up to 15 feet higher then before (  What are now used as basements, were once first floors of houses and businesses.  While there isn't much documentation of this huge undertaking, there is evidence that can still be seen to this day. Street level windows and the visible tops of doorways are all that's left to tell the story.  The remainder, abandoned spaces that were filled in or covered up, is largely inaccessible. 

While visiting Chattanooga, make sure you check out the Historic Read House Hotel. The building has a lot of history including being a Confederate hospital.  The rooms are nicely appointed, comfortable, and the hotel is reportedly haunted.....SCORE!!!! My trip to Chattanooga was more than pleasant.  People are friendly here and the scenery is stunning. There's enough here to make this a great family vacation spot.