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Want to donate to the Hurricane Harvey rescue efforts?

Annette LuevanoComment
Want to donate to the Hurricane Harvey rescue efforts?

As the waters continue to rise, many are rushing to the aid of their fellow Texans.  In this hectic world of anger, hostility, and division within communities, nothing warms my heart more than seeing strangers coming together to help those left behind in the wake of a disaster.  Props and prayers to all the first responders and volunteers working tirelessly to rescue and provide for those in dire situations.

Like a lot of you, I want to help but I don't have a big truck or a boat.  I also have a kiddo so I can't just jump into my car and run down to South Texas to assist.  So what can the rest of us do to help out our fellow Texans? Below is a list of the most common and well known charities and organizations involved in the rescue efforts:

Houston Food Bank

United Way of Greater Houston

South Texas Blood and Tissue Center

American Red Cross Texas Gulf Coast

Salvation Army Greater Houston Command Center

Houston Humane Society

There are other charities and organizations out there that are assisting the victims of Hurricane Harvey but please be diligent in checking them out before donating money.  Also, be wary of individuals that are soliciting donations on behalf of an organization.  Tragedy brings out the best and worst in society and we don't want precious resources falling into the hands of greedy and opportunistic people.   

Please remember that people will be in need of help for days and weeks to come. Some will have to uproot their lives to begin again, and we must step up to let them know they are not alone.  We may be a big state filled with diversity from border to border but, when it really counts, we are the ONE.