Dr. Pepper Museum Ghosts and Spirits

The Dr. Pepper Museum is a paranormal gem in Central Texas.   Located on 5th Street in Waco, this place is centrally located and close enough to make a day trip from DFW or Austin.  The museum is in the 1906 Artesian Manufacturing and Bottling Company building and is made up of two buildings with a courtyard in between.  It offers a lot of city history (including the devastation caused by a tornado in May 1953) as well as Dr. Pepper history.

2013 was the first time I investigated the museum.  At the time, I called and figured getting after hours access to the museum was a shot in the dark.  To my surprise they were open minded to what I wanted to do!  The first time I took the paranormal team to investigate, we had 30 investigators between the 2 buildings and courtyard.  Yes, 30 investigators!  With 6 floors available to us between the two buildings, we had plenty of space to investigate.  

A look inside the museum from the soda shop.

A look inside the museum from the soda shop.

We had a fair amount of activity with various EMF meters and a flashlight on the first floor.  Yes, using the flashlight is controversial now but 4 years ago it wasn't.  Baseline readings taken before we went lights out didn't show any EMF beforehand either. While we have more equipment now than we did four years ago, we still use all tools available and just debunk the hell out of everything.  One investigator got the flashlight and EMF readings on video and it is quite compelling to watch nonetheless. 

In the building that was then known as the administration building, several investigators had EMF spikes, temperature fluctuations, anomalies on the Kinect, and one amazing EVP down in the basement.  It is so dark down there.....you can't see your hand in front of your face!  On our second investigation, I felt as if someone brushed against my arm and a quick tug on my hair.  On our last one we heard some strange noises in one corner of the basement and had readings on a geophone.  One side of the basement definitely seems to be a hot spot. 


Yes there was bottling in the main building but I never found any information about any kind of bottling accident, death, or other type of incident that might bring about paranormal activity.  I suspect some of the activity is from victims of the tornado but also may be someone from Dr.  Pepper.  Perhaps it is W.W. “Foots” Clements, a salesman that later to become one of Dr. Pepper's most highly regarded leaders.

We have a fourth investigation planned for 2018 and we look forward to it anxiously!  I no longer take as many investigators as I did the first time.  I now limit it to 15 people because you can hear noise from other floors once in a while and I want to eliminate contamination as much as possible.  There are plenty of affordable hotels nearby so we make a weekend out of it.  We have also stayed in some nice, affordable Airbnbs in the area big enough for a group, and really prefer the privacy it gives us.  If you unfamiliar with Airbnb  but want to try out that option, use can my link and you will get a $40 credit (www.airbnb.com/c/aporterfield1).

If you aren't into the paranormal, you should still stop by the museum.  It is a great family friendly location and you can always stop by the soda shop for a treat! I included links to both the museum and Wacohistory.org so you can get a quick history lesson before you visit.

Don't forget to make today count!


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