Debauchery and Hedonism at the Hell Fire Club

High upon Montpelier Hill sits the Hell Fire Club.  Originally built in 1725 by William Conolly as a hunting lodge, the Hell Fire Club was established in Dublin in 1735 and was perceived by locals to be a place of evil.  This was just one of several Hell Fire Clubs that existed and they were notorious for being places of iniquity and hedonism.  Excessive drinking, gambling, and other sinful pleasures were welcome here, and it is alleged that satanic practices occurred here as well.  

Visiting the Hell Fire Club was not exactly easy.  The bus ride from the Brazen Head Pub was pleasant enough with the tour guide offering intriguing tid bits of Dublin history along the way.  Once the bus arrived at the base of the hill, we began our ascent amid beautiful greenery.  On this particular day it was chilly but the trip was worth it.  (Please note that this place is not accessible and not recommended for anyone with mobility issues.)

The view is beautiful from the top of Montpelier Hill.

The view is beautiful from the top of Montpelier Hill.

There was a prehistoric burial site here once upon a time but evidence of it's existence is no longer visible.  It's destruction during the construction of the lodge was believed to be the source of evil here. There are three floors with various rooms within, most of which are small and unremarkable.  It is kind of hard to imagine what might have occurred here at one time. 

A walk through the building might give someone an eerie feeling, particularly when the sun is setting.  I didn't get much of a feeling until I got to one of the front rooms on the first floor.  There was nothing remarkable about this room but when I turned to go back out, there was one corner that had a truly electrical feeling to it.  It caught me by surprise.....and then it gave me the creeps.  Other than that, I didn't get too much on this trip.  I would love to come back when it is completely dark!

Visiting the Hell Fire Club is something all history lovers should do.  We are talking about a neolithic period tomb that was once here!!! If you are a nature lover, this tour is for you too.  We walked a bit along some beautiful trails and took in some amazing scenery.  For those of us who are paranormal enthusiasts, researchers, or just plain paranormally do NOT want to miss out on this place.  

The tour that I went on can be found at Hidden Dublin Walks & Tours and you can get more info and history about the Hell Fire Club at Abandoned Ireland.  

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