Queen City....Charlotte, NC

A few weeks ago I spent the night in Charlotte while on my way to Cuba.   I originally had a flight that left Monday and got me to Havana later that morning but the airline, in their infinite wisdom, decided to jack with me and have me leave the night before and spend the night in North Carolina.  I will admit that, until this trip, North Carolina was not even on my paranormal travel radar.  I am currently working on 2018 locations, and the closest I got is West Virginia.  

So, since I was spending the night in the Queen City, it gave me a reason to do a little research.  Why Queen City?  Well the nickname is due to Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III.  With history that predates the American Revolution, this city has a lot to offer history buffs and paranormal researchers alike!

Settler's Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in the state, and was in use 1774-1878.  It was the primary cemetery for some time until another one was built.  I don't know if the city allows paranormal investigations (please call and ask before going in!), but even a day time walk through and some photographs would be great.  Talk a walk through an old cemetery, research some of the graves you find there, and soon the story of the area begins to emerge.  

Another place to check out is the Latta Plantation, a 52-acre historical site in the Latta Plantation Nature Reserve.  There you can learn about life in 1800's North Carolina including the Latta Family that lived there 1800-1830's.  Other families resided in the home giving the potential of even more paranormal energy to remain in the home.  There are some stories bouncing around about it being haunted......definitely a place worth checking out!

One more place that might be worthwhile to check out is the Dunhill Hotel.  Built in 1929, it isn't as old as some of the other buildings in the area but stories still abound about this place.  Originally the Mayfair Manor Apartment Hotel, thousands of people have come in and out of this beautiful place.  It changed hands in 1960 and for two decades it was the James Lee Motor Inn before becoming the Dunhill Hotel.  Who doesn't love a haunted hotel????

Charlotte may not be at the top of your travel bucket list but there is a lot to check out.  I'm not sure when I'll make it back but I know enough about it now that is on my radar.  If you want to get additional history on any of the locations I wrote about, see the links within this article as well as the link below.



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